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Goods from the Woods

Did you know that trees are used in over 5,000 products? Check out this list of goods from the woods which includes many unexpected uses of timber.

Alabama Wood Ducks

This article by the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources discusses wood duck migration patterns, favorable habitats and ways to improve the Alabama wood duck habitat.

2015 Cincinnati Hunting & Fishing Show - We'll Be There!

For almost 20 years, the Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show® has presented a wide variety of fishing and hunting opportunities. 2015 is no exception. Guides, captains, outfitters, lodges, outpost camps, spike camps, remote wilderness hunting & fishing, a sprinkling of gear, hunting associations and Outdoor Underwriters will be present.

What do hunters do for conservation?

The sale of hunting licenses, tags, and stamps is the primary source of funding for most state wildlife conservation efforts. By respecting seasons and limits, purchasing all required licences, and paying federal excise taxes on hunting equipment and ammunition, individual hunters make a big contribution towards ensuring the future of many species of wildlife and habitat for the future.

How long does an ATV helmet last?

There is no piece of gear more important than your ATV helmet. Both comfort and effective protection are required in an ATV helmet, but how long does a helmet last?